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April 11, 2007

Announcing Gifted for Leadership Resources!

I have exciting news! Gifted for Leadership is now more than just a blog and an e-mail newsletter. As if we didn't have enough excitement around here?This week, we're launching our very first downloadable resource created specifically for women leaders. These short booklets offer collections of expert advice, biblical perspective, stories, practical ideas, and leadership tools to inspire and challenge you.

Every month, we'll introduce two new downloadable resources to help you grow in your ministry and skills as a woman in leadership. And included in the price of each download is permission to make up to 1000 copies for use in your own ministry. You're free to pass it along to other women leaders in your church or organization, use it in a group discussion, and use it to inspire other leaders to excellence.

The topic of this first resource is "Managing Conflict Well." As a special treat, I've decided to give you a sneak peek. Click on this link to see a small sample: sample resource

Then follow this link to purchase and download the resource from one of our sister sites, Managing Conflict Well.

I'm thrilled to introduce this first Gifted for Leadership downloadable resource and to encourage you to look for more to come. As you use them in your leadership, let us know what you think. And we would love to hear your ideas for future topics. Oh, and don't forget: If you haven't already signed up for our e-mail newsletter, you can do so in the upper left corner of this blog. The newsletter is the best way to find out about new resources for women leaders.

God bless you as you use your gifts in service to him and his church!


Awesome its so great that these resourses are coming out i am always encouraging women to lead in the prayer and praise night that i lead and coordinate.

Dear Ms. Simpson,

When are the Christian women in American going to recognize their anointing which is to help a man glorify God. Looking at how corrupt America is and how many men in this country are not saved I know for sure the Christian women leaders in America have yet to understand their calling. God hates when his people are being abused. Honest Americans all over this country are being stolen from. Our country which was founded on Christianity is being stolen from by men who are lovers of money and power. God did not give Adam a man to help him do his mission he gave him a woman. Women has unique power over men. We must know that when our men in this country fail then we have failed. Judge Deborah in the bible really failed. The Lord would have much rather have Barak do what he was called to then Deborah. Deborah was weak in faith to believe she could build Barak's faith to do the mission. The Christian women in this country are failing miserably. The big leaders of the big churches of America are in love with money and power not the Lord's people. Jesus nor Paul and the other apostles indicate we will have a life of such luxury. Look at a man's treasuries and you will know what they worship. Joel Osteen's home, George Bush's home, etc. The wives of these men have failed miserably and we are taught to look up to them. A man is known by his fruit. What is the fruit of George Bush, Jr. presidency? none. What is the fruit of the well known Christian leaders in America today? Our country is more immoral and more corrupt over the last 100 years. These leaders do not teach how to defeat the adversary which is Satan who knows and uses scripture well which is also called the anti-Christ. The Word of God says evil sits in high places like head of churches and goverment. America will not wake up until the Christian women of America wake up and get the Christian men in this country to not duck their tails and run but fight for justice and God's people.

Relentless to pursue justice,

Vicki McLean
President and Founder
Women Helping Men Glorify God

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