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August 1, 2007

Food for Thought

Every Wednesday morning Toshiko Yamamoto takes a washbasin and towels to the roughest part of Vancouver, British Columbia. There she washes the feet of women at a drop-in center. Her clients are often infected with HIV or Hepatitis C. Their feet are sometimes dirty and covered with sores or needle marks. The women are almost always drug addicts who sell sex to pay for their next fix.

As Yamamoto gently washes and massages their feet, she sings a lullaby in Japanese, listens to their stories, and tells them about God's love. "Men treat them as garbage," she observes. "I do the opposite."

--Debra Fieguth

In what areas of your life do you lead well or share God's love by doing the opposite of what someone expects?


It is a most honorable thing the Japanese woman is doing in Canada. She is very humbel may the Lord bless her continusouly, famlly and ministry.

Michelle Mc Queen, 176 Condor Drive, Bon Air Gardens, Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.

I love to assist people improve all aspects of their lives, spiritually, educationally, health wise, financially.
I encourage people all the time to do better in life. Also to attend church, pray, fast, pay their tithes and offerings, give to the poor. I give food cooked and package, clothes, finances.
I thank god that he has blessed me tremendously so I can give to others.
I belong to a group Uplife International that goes to Africa every year to do missionary work. I am trusting god in a big way. to get the planes, ships, jeepr buses, so that we can pack it with the food, clothes, furniture, agricultural tools, musical equipments, computers so that we can make the lives of these unfortunte me better. That is what the Lord has called us to do, also to spread the message of the word
Thank you very much


This is so beautiful. I am no longer a Christian but I am inspired. I think what this woman is doing is so beautiful. I wish I could do it myself.

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