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December 3, 2007

Food For Thought

Stillness offers me the distinct beauty of hearing God whisper my name, as only he can do it. The words quiet, alone, and undistracted do not describe the vast majority of my waking hours. It is in this mixture, however, that God often makes himself known. God shouts to us through the glories of his creation, but when calling our name, he speaks with a quiet voice.

Living in a world of iPods, cell phones, and CNN, it’s hard to turn down the volume. But going away to a quiet place is a routine 21st-century Christians would do well to cultivate. God treasures these intimate hours with us.

Alone, Moses heard the Lord call his name through a burning bush. Alone, the young boy Samuel responded to the voice of God. Alone, Mary said yes to the most world-shattering announcement of all time.


I've found that you can "turn down the volume" for a brief contact with The Father even in the business of the day. It takes only a moment to "go" into the Presence of God, to acknowledge Him, to focus on Him. In traffic at a traffic signal when it's red and with your eyes wide open, remember Him; recall that He is in charge, reflect to Him, recommit yourself to His service, make a quick confession. He hears even the thoughts of our hearts and when we practice these special moments, there is great peace to enjoy.
Of course, there are times for all of us He seems to be unreachable, but in faith we KNOW that is only feelings, not fact.
I began practicing this skill after reading "Practicing The Presence of God" written long ago by a Catholic Monk.

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