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March 24, 2008

Food for Thought - Mar 24 2008

I decided to fast. Instead of giving up food, I eliminated my time stealers for 30 days. I checked my e-mail only twice a day. Computer games were gone. I set limits on the number of programs I watched and refused to turn the television on at all during the day. This forced me to choose a couple of favorite shows, which I watched in the evening with my husband. During the day I popped in a CD and filled my home with my favorite worship music.

As the fast concluded, I looked at what I'd gained. My life hadn't changed, just the management of my time. I still had the same 24 hours available to me each day. I still was busy. I still had deadlines. But I'd uncovered pockets of precious moments that I chose to fill carefully. I spent a portion of my morning reading my Bible and talking with God. I took long walks with my husband in the evening or worked outside with our horses. Because my writing and tasks for the day were complete, I could enjoy these things with a clear focus and without guilt. Several of these "luxuries" I'd often neglected in the past because I had "too much to do" and "not enough time."

When the fast was over, I came to the conclusion that God had more for me - not a legalistic list of tasks to perform, but a new way of thinking.


Excerpted from Organization and Time-Management, a new downloadable resource from Gifted for Leadership.


I can really identify with Caryn. I feel so disorganised most times as if i can't finish my tasks for the day. Having to combine being a wife, a working mother,heading a ministry, mentoring some people, is not an easy task. I have found out however, that with proper planning, a to-do list, discipline, then it would be easy to spend quality time with God, your spouse, children and still finish each day's tasks.

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